Friday, March 9, 2012

Switchfoot Remix Contest, Let's do this!

Switchfoot rocks.  Period.  I've followed them from the beginning and seen many live shows.  They rock. Well, now they rock even harder.  They are currently running a contest in which anyone can remix one of their songs from the provided "stems" (some flattened tracks from the master recording session).

The song is titled "Afterlife", and it's about coming alive now and not waiting until you die to live (in the afterlife).  It is based on heavy guitars and a good rock feel.  Have a listen:

Needless to say, it's a great song, and I especially love the part where the music drops out to an open space with only a vocal and electric guitar.  However, for my remix, I have chosen to record a piano rock version.  I've removed all of the main guitars and changed some of the arrangement a bit, and the piano takes the focus as the main instrument (besides he vocal).

I'm in the mixing stage now and will be submitting it very soon.  I hope everyone likes it.  The winner will receive a very nice pair of headphones and the song will be on the digital release of their album.  It would be great enough just for the recognition of the band though in my eyes.

Anyhow, I'll see if I can post the song when it is done.  Stay tuned. :)

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