Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cody Michaels In Concert

I was finally able to meet up with pianist Cody Michaels at the Winnekenni Castle in MA this weekend.  He gave an excellent concert full of his usual flowing melodies and beautiful, unique style.  Cody is an excellent composer and performer worthy of your ear's time.

His music stems mostly from his experiences with nature, be it a flowing river or the unique character of the sky and the clouds that dance through it.  He seems to share a similar passion of mine for nature.  I can envision being in the mountains and peacefully taking in the beauty of the quiet forest or running river while his music provides the perfect soundtrack.

He is a true artist, touring and selling his own CDs, working a day job to pay the bills.

(My CDs of his so far, all amazing...)

He is an all around nice guy and down to earth.  If you haven't heard his music please check it out on his page:


I highly recommend his albums as some of my all-time favorite piano music.  Actually, some of my all-time favorite music, period!

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