Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sony MH1 Recable Update

A quick update on my recable tutorial. I found out how to open the MH1 housing without damaging it or the stress relief! Thank to ZMF for the tip.

Here's what it looks like opened up:





I still need to put it back together with the new cables, but it is looking promising. Here is what I did to get them open. I used a pair of pliers like these

 for grip to hold the housing and then a pair of end cutter type pliers like these

to pull the stress relief off. I place the fine edge of the end cutter inside the groove that separates the housing and stress relief material as much as possible (right in the groove). I then hold the housing tightly in my left hand and pull them apart using my right hand with end cutters. I turn it back and forth very gently as I pulled them apart to try and loosen things (not a screwing motion, more of a wiggle). It seemed like it was never going to come off, but I just kept doing it and it finally came off cleanly. :-)

Stay tuned. More updates to come...

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